• Current topics

    VARD’s innovative culture, mutually beneficial synergies with Fincantieri, know-how transfer and the ability to seize new market opportunities have been primary drivers of the good progress in business development efforts in several new market segments.

  • Innovation through generations

    In the early years, a common struggle to overcome the forces of nature forged closer bonds between ship owners and shipbuilders. This interaction shaped both a unique ability to innovate and an intense desire to succeed.

  • Sustainable designs for all weather conditions

    Our in-house design company delivers designs for both standardized vessels and highly advanced vessels with significant customer-specified adapt-ations.

  • Tailor-made solutions

    Innovation, joy of creating and drive has been essential for as long as people have inhabited Norway’s weathered coastline. Since day one, we have provided excellent custom-made ships for every imaginable need at sea.

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