SeaQ® Control

The SeaQ® Control product area is a set of seamlessly integrated control systems, designed to improve usability and enhance the vessel’s performance at sea. Systems in this product category include integrated automation systems, power management systems, energy management systems, and blackout prevention systems.

Working closely with our customers, we select the optimal components to produce the best performance for each assignment, whilst overcoming all engineering and integration challenges.

SeaQ® Integrated Automation System (IAS)

The SeaQ® IAS simplifies the rising demands of modern marine automation systems by focusing on the user.
Examples of products:
- Cargo
- Alarm

SeaQ® Power Management System (PMS)

Built on the same platform as our SeaQ® IAS, the SeaQ® PMS aims at providing the user with an effective and economical control system for the vessels power generation. The modular and distributed hardware design facilitates all current class requirements and ERN configurations while still offering a flexible and effective installation.

SeaQ® PMS can be delivered as a stand-alone system or seamlessly integrated with our SeaQ® IAS.

SeaQ® Green Pilot

Green Pilot Standard is a performance system that displays key performance values with historical data, reporting, and automatic state management. It also includes a SEEMP support.

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