SeaQ line of products

The SeaQ Line of products, encompassing design, integrated systems, marine electronics and electrical systems, and accommodation were launched in 2013. The high quality SeaQ products conform to the highest industry standars.

Every SeaQ product can be delivered individually or as a part of a larger, integrated package contributing to the competitiveness of VARD and meeting the needs and expectations of the market.

At Vard Electro, one of our core competencies is in selecting, configuring and testing the different components to address our customer's need. Amidst the rigorous demands of our clients at the high end of the market, we constantly seek to develop new, innovative and flexible solutions with a green profile. We take pride in delivering the required functionality, at the right cost, that present performance, reliability, and safety standards which are compliant with classification rules and international standards.


SeaQ Bridge
The SeaQ Bridge product area includes a wide selection og navigation and communication products controlled and operated from the vessel's bridge. Read more about our SeaQ Bridge products here.

SeaQ Control
The SeaQ Control product area is a set of seamlessly integrated control systems, designed to improve usability and enhance the vessel's performance at sea.Read more about our SeaQ Control products here.

SeaQ Power
The SeaQ Power product area includes a complete set of intelligent power system solutions and components that generate, distribute and control power on board vessels. Read more about our SeaQ Power products here.
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