Vard Academy is VARD’s central unit for training and competence development. The academy provides competence and leadership programs to VARD employees, and special course programs to our customers.

The offer to our customers consists of training on VARD's in-house developed SeaQ products and solutions. Our courses combine theoretical learning and hands-on practical training. Using our simulators and labs, the participants also get valuable experience in a safe environment. The courses can be customized to the client’s needs.

Vard Academy’s instructors have long experience and are highly skilled in the SeaQ product line covering SeaQ Brigde, SeaQ Control and SeaQ Power. In this manner, course participants will have the opportunity to interact with engineers and product managers and gain in-depth knowledge of all aspects of our products, both technical and practical.

Courses can be held in our safe training facilities with labs and simulators, or delivered on board the ship at our customer’s premises. This allows us to offer our customers optimal customization and time management.​

Our training offer includes topics such as:

 ▪  SeaQ Navcom Package 
 ▪  SeaQ Communication Package 
 ▪  SeaQ Brigde Alert Management 
 ▪  SeaQ Integrated Automation System 
 ▪  SeaQ Power Management System 
 ▪  SeaQ Green Pilot 
 ▪  SeaQ Power Conversion 
 ▪  SeaQ Micro Grid Converter 
 ▪  SeaQ Energy Storage System

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