As a heavy-industry enterprise, VARD is subject to extensive and changing laws and regulations designed to protect the environment. These include laws and regulations relating to air and water quality, imposing limitations on discharge of pollutants into the environment and establishing standards for treatment, storage and disposal of toxic and hazardous wastes.
VARD takes the environmental responsibilities and corporate citizenship seriously. We are highly aware of the environmental effects our activities may cause, and thus we take necessary steps to limit the impact by continuously developing technologies, practices and business opportunities compatible with sustainable development.
We care about the society we are a part of, and we take active responsibility for the future of our community.


 VARD Environment Report
  • Environment

    VARD really cares about our community and the environment. We contribute to this through our daily business, in production and, not least, through our products.

  • Health and safety

    VARD aims to maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards lapses in workplace safety through comprehensive health, safety and environmental (“HSE”) efforts.

  • Society

    VARD has a long tradition in contributing to the society through funding and activities.

  • Sponsorships

    We are committed to local communities and society at large. We are contributing in local activities and projects aiming to increase welfare, attractiveness and development of societies – through sponsorships.

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